Meaton INDEX Mumbai 2019 exhibition ended with success
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1-4 May 2019
Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India

Exhibition Overview:

INDEX is a series exhibitions focused on interiors, architectures and design held once a year.
There are two different branches: Mumbai and New Delhi.
This time is the 31st edition of INDEX. It has three halls and hall for furniture hardware and fittings is gathered

in Hall 3 which subname is: INTERFURN
The 31st edition of INDEX totally has more than 300 exhibitors from 12 countries.

Meaton Performance:

During 4 days of INDEX, Meaton team negotiated with 162 customers and clients. Amongst them, 25 are highly

potential customers. One potential local distributor has been contacted and developed.
Meaton team successfully nailed down one contract of tandem box with one customer on the scene of day 2.

Meaton’s Future Visions on India:

India is a wonderful country with great potentiality. Meaton dedicates its efforts providing excellent products

 with better quality to meet the local market. At the same time, Meaton is developing and maintaining good 

relationships with local customers, clients and partners.

We are looking forward to coming back to India with greater achievements and customer satisfaction!

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